Alternative Energy

Lenz Turbine
  Up-cycle your PC fans into mini wind generators

Do you have stacks of old computer equipment gathering dust ? Now you can put some of it to use! This guide shows you how to use PC fans as mini wind generators for recharging solar lights and ni-cads.

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Lenz2 turbine from recycled materials

Some photographs of my Lenz2 turbine from recycled materials.

 Solar tracker made from an old hard drive

This is a solar tracker that I built using some small calculator solar panels, an old hard drive and a few relays. There are some silicone diodes in the motor controller, but other than that it's free of complicated electronics.

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  DIY solar backup system

This is a small DIY system intended for backup lighting and chraging of small device such as phones/laptops etc. The total rated power is 26W of solar, the inverter is built to handle 150W of power.

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  Attaching a solar panel to the shed roof

A cheap way to attach your solar panel to the shed roof.

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 Build a 5 Volt regulator for gadget charging

A quick guide on building your own regulator that enables you to charge most modern gadgets off solar power

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 An Attempt at a solar tracker

My fist functional solar tracker, tracks the sun in one axis using a windscreen wiper motor. It's in need of a little perfection as it really picky about the sensor adjustment.

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