Plans / guides :

"Simple Coke Can Stirling Engine Plans", a how to guide to build your own Stirling engine. View the plans here

 Simpler Simple Coke Can Stirling plans

This is a super simple coke can Stirling engine you can make in under an hour. No epoxy or RTV needed, just super-glue.

Newfangled Pringles Stirling engine plans

The amazing Pringles Stirling engine, made from cardboard Pringles tube.

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Fast and easy video tutorial

Unusual way to construct my version of the quick and easy engine.

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Stirling engine fan plans

These plans detail how to build a simple Stirling engine fan, made from coke cans and other recycled materials.

Cardboard walking beam engine

A quick how to, on building a cardboard walking beam engine. Made from drinks cans and cardboard

LTD Stirling engine

An LTD Stirling engine made out of tin cans.

Coke can Stirling engine generator MK1 (30mw)

This is my first Stirling engine capable of generating  electricity. It makes just enough to power a low power radio.
Water bottle Stirling generator
Water bottle Stirling engine

Experimental design with a separator between hot and cold sections of the engine.

Coke Can Stirling Generator MK2 (50mw)

This page shows coke can Stirling generator 2, which is very reliable compares to the MK1 version, it's made out of coke and beer cans.

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Stainless Steel Stirling engines

A page about constructing a stainless steel Stirling engine with alternator. Produces up to 1.8W (in development).

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Moving Cylinder Stirling engine

 This is my Moving cylinder Stirling engine based on the design by Hubert Stierhof.

ASAP Stirling engine ebook

Plans to build this very simple coke can engine, mainly from household materials. Easy to follow bite size steps.