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ASAP Engines

 ASAP Stirling engine ebook plans

Plans to build this very simple coke can engine, mainly from household materials. Easy to follow bite size steps.

PDF Download only - click here to download.

The original ASAP Stirling engine

This is the very first ASAP Stirling engine that I made. It has a small water cooling reservoir on the top of the cans. It's still working today.



This engine is the first ASAP design I sold. It has a water tank for cooling unlike the first original.  The connecting rods were all copper. The flywheel had holes drilled in it for a visual effect.


ASAP 1.1

This connecting rods in this version were all steel .
The diaphragm connector bolts on rather than the copper thread of the ASAP 1. This engine was also sold in kit form.

 ASAP Generator

This version has a generator added onto the engine which powers a small blue LED. The engine still runs off a teal light candle. It has an extra large cooling tank.


This kit was built to almost exactly to the the plans in my ebook. The cranks are made from jumbo paper clips - the con rods are copper . The displacer is made from Steel wire wool.