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Coke Can Stirling Engine (sale)

The engine will run on a cup of freshly boiled water for up to  5 minutes (once the cooling
water heats up, the temperature difference will not be big enough to run the engine, you can
 replace the hot and cold water to restart the process).

Made from recycled materials, this engine is both environmentally friendly and great value
for money The cheapest ready to run true Stirling cycle engine on ebay. Enjoy the Stirling
engine mystique without breaking the bank. UK buyers pay only one postage charge for
multiple purchases.

Alternatively you can make a fire tin to run the engine in, by drilling or cutting air holes
into a tin can

Please be aware that the appearance of the engine will vary depending on
the cans I use. Unfortunately I'm not able to cater to requests for a specific
brand of can.

The engine comes with the flywheel removed, you need a small flat head
screwdriver to fix the flywheel back on.

Available on ebay.

YouTube Video