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Stirling generator failure

This was supposed to be Stirling Generator 2 which, should in theory, have produced more power
than Stirling Generator 1. It did work first time, but unfortunately the vacuum created by the engine cooling
down completely imploded the pressure vessel.  Very disappointing! The engine has a graphite piston running
in a pyrex cylinder, which should have given it nice smooth running.

This photo shows the pipe elbow with the graphite piston and cylinder attached. The entire outer bean can
is filled with water, so the balloon is necessary to keep any splashes of water out of the piston.

This is the displacer rod and bushing. The rod is 1.59mm and the outer tube is 2.38mm .

This is a bad photo of the finished engine, quite dark sorry.

I give you one imploded beer can! If you ever want to build a strange can
crusher, this is the one!