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Below are some commonly asked questions.

Q. Where can I buy terminal blocks ?
A. Any good electronics store will stock them, hardware stores often have them. Ebay has them too.

Q. I can't find terminal blocks, what could I use instead ?
A. 6.3mm spade connectors can be made to work but It's a little harder to get aligned.

Q. Where can I buy peltier modules from ?
A. I bought the ones I used off ebay, but you can buy the in electronics shops and PC stores. They're
much more expensive off of other stores though, ebay seems to be the cheapest.

Q. Where can I buy graphite piston and glass cylinder sets ?
A. Good question, I got mine free from Airpot, I haven't found anywhere that sells them.

Q. Where can I buy steel wire wool from ?
A. Hardware stores, decorating stores will usually sell fine steel wire wool.

Q. I've followed your instructions to build a Stirling enine but it won't work! What can I do!?
 A. The problem can usually be found by looking
at the following things -
  • Air leaks -  the engine can only have a small airleak.
  • Friction - Everything should move freely, use plenty of light machine oil. Check for stretching of the diaphragm
    • Phase angle - the displacer should lead the diaphragm/piston by 90 degrees.

Q. I can't find steel wire wool anywhere! What can I use as a substitute ?

A. If you can't get hold of steel wire wool, it's probably best to look for an
alternate design that doesn't use steel wire wool.

Q. Can you make me and sell me x project ?
A. If it's not in my ebay shop, it's not for sale.

Q. Can you build me a Stirling generator to power my house / my car/ my time machine etc ?
A. No, unfortunately not.