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Privacy Policy

This site contains advertising from Google, and other advertising networks that are approved by google.
I don't have any control over the ads that are served on this site, they chosen by Google. Google picks
relevant adverts and displays them here. Google and other ad networks use cookies and web beacons to
track and collect information about visitors(You) in order to serve relevant ads and other services.

Google and other advertisers use cookies (DART) to serve ads based on previous sites you have visited and other information held by Google.  You can opt out of these DART tracking cookies, there is info here on how opt out of the Google double click cookie.

Google Privacy policy:


More information on the Google ad network :


You can tell the difference between Google Ads and the original content on this website as Google ads always have the logo in one of the  corners that says "Ads by Google". I don't know anything about these products/services, and them being shown is no indication that I endorse them, so I'd recommend checking with other people and reviews before purchasing.

Personally, I use Adblock Plus and NoScript, which usually eliminates most online advertising.


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