Raspberry pi LED Sequencer

Sequencing LED's with a Raspberry pi. Includes code and schematic.

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 How to service Shimano Sora STI Shifters

How to dismantle and reassemble those trusty
shimano STI's. Full photo's.

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 Wire crimper improvement hack

Is your wire crimper/stripper/multi tool wobbly and useless ? This page is for you.

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Wire cutter hack

 Tetra Pak Carton envelopes

Re use old cartons into strong envelopes.

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 Wire forming machine

An experimental computer controlled wire forming machine. Forms 1.2mm wire into vague.
PS3 Button pusher

Device to get push a button
Tetra Pak Bird Box
 DIY Stripboard track cutter

A home made track cutter for stripboard

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 Bird Box from Tetra Pak carton

Recycle your cartons into into bird boxes (experimental!).

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Two simple electric motors

This guide demonstrates how to build two different type of electric motor, based around a plastic drinks bottle.
 Parallel port control

Some code I used to control the parallel port, and a video demonstrating it.

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 Unimatic Stepper motor wiring colours

How to wire up this stepper motor from unimatic.


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 Metal Casting

Some pictures of my metal casting efforts, and my DIY oil burner made from an old sauce pan.

 Miniature USB powered marble machine

The USB Miniature Marble machine was inspired by this machine I found
here.  I thought it would be cool to have a miniature version for my desk, so I set about building it. I didn't have any particular design in mind, so I designed it.....
Replace Your Snow Shovel Tip

Shows a replacement show shovel tip from a piece of angle aluminium.