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Bird House From Tetra Pak Carton

Tetra Pak Bird Box


This page shows how to recycle Tetra Pak cartons into bird boxes. This is a prototype design,
I'm not sure how well it will hold up but time will tell. I have in the garden and will update the page
in a year (that will be Aug 2013). 

The video below is slightly wrong, it should show the tabs that fold over the back edge of the bird box
to make it water tight. I forgot to do that in the video.

YouTube Video

  • 3 x 1 litre cartons
  • Staples
  • Hot glue
  • Screw and washer
  • 2 small bolts, washers, and nuts to match
  • Hot glue gun
  • Knife
  • Stapler
  • Square
  • Marker
  • Ruler

Note I think it will actually hold up much better if you turn the cartons inside out, so that the internal water proof coating is on the outside! I didn't think to do that when I first tried this, but I'll make another soon.

Step 1:

Mark a line roughly two thirds of the way up and all of the way around the cartons.

Mark around the tetra paks

Step 2:

Mark out the roof triangle level with the line you drew in step one. Only do this on one of the large faces of each carton. Cut out an entry hole in one of the containers.
Mark roof angle and tabs
Step 3:

There should be tabs that are around 3 cm high on the narrow sides of the cartons.

Side tabs
Step 4:

Cut out around the lines you marked. One of the cartons has one of the large faces removed, the other has the large face cut into two tabs. These two tabs will join the two cartons together.
Cut the shapes out
Step 5:

Glue the two cartons together using the large tabs. Fold over the other tabs as shown.
Glue the two tatra paks together.
Step 6:

Cut the ends off the third carton and fold along the longest edges, approx 2 cm from the edges.

The roof
Step 7:

Staple one of the folds together. This will be the front edge and will give the roof a little extra strength.
Staple along one side only
Step 8:

Rest the point of the roof triangle on the centre line of the roof and measure from the edge of the side tabs to the edge of the rood. Fold this over

Fold half way
Step 9:

The roof should look like this now. Cut a V in the back edge fold, to allow the two pieces to meet flush when the roof is fitted.
It should look like this.

Step 10:

Staple one side of the roof to the side tabs.
Staple one side of the roof to the tabs on the side of the box.
Step 11:

The other side is bolted or clipped to the side tabs. This allows the box to be opened for fitting and cleaning. Use large washers if you bolt it.

Bolt the other side of the roof down.

Step 10:

Fix the bird box to a suitable location using a screw and washer.

Screw the bird box to a tree/house whatever.