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Fix Wire Crimpers


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These cheap wire crimpers often have the problem that the rivet joint is loose making it hard to crimp connectors. I first tried hammering the rivet to tighten it up, but that didn't work well enough. This simple hack fixes the problem.

There's now little side to side movement in the crimpers.

  • M6 x 20mm bolt
  • M6 Nylon locknut
  • M6 large washers x 2
  • Grinder
  • Punch
  • Spanners for the M6 bolt
Step 1:

Grind away the head of the rivet so that it can be removed.

Grind the rivet away
Step 2:

Hammer the rivet out using a punch/

Remove the rivet with a punch.

The two halves should be separate now.
Two halves.
Step 3:

Re-assemble the crimpers using the M6 bolt and washers in place of the rivet.

Tighten the locknut so that there isn't much give in the joint and two halves can still move,