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PS3 Button Pusher with Raspberry pi

Playstation 3 controller and Raspberry Pi

This device was built to push a button on a PS3 pad. It's designed to push the button
every 30 seconds. This was made solely to collect a trophy in Little Big Planet 2 that
requires 1440 minutes of active game play.

The lever arm is driven by a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor. The little 5V stepper motor didn't have enough
power to actually push the button fully, so I'm running it off 12V instead. Because the duty
cycle is so low, this is acceptable. Beware of when the Rpi is booting up though, as some
of the GPIO pins are active , running the stepper for any length of time at this voltage this will burn it out.

The base and supports are made out of 9mm MDF. I didn't have any plans for these parts, I just
fixed them around the controller.

The stepper motor is from the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins, using a ULN2003 darlington IC. You can get these and the stepper motor to match on ebay.

I'll be uploading the Python code to drive the device soon (need to copy it off the pi somehow.

YouTube Video

Raspberry pi and ULN2003A