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Replace Your Snow Shovel Tip

If your snow shovel tip is split and worn like the one below, you can save yourself from having to buy a new snow shovel by making a new tip using a piece of angle aluminium folded over. I used a piece of angle alumium from an old greenhouse. You'll also need a few tiny screw, around 6mm long.

Broken Ti[

Start by gently bending the edges of the angle aluminium towards each other.

Bending angle aluminium

Next I squashed it some more in the vice. After that I hammered the edged right over so that it will fit over the end of the snow shovel.

More bending!

When it's done, it should look like the original(left) below :

Check that it fits snugly over the plastic part of the snow shovel.

It should fit over the end of the snow shovel.

Secure the metal part in place using some small metal screws. You'll need to drill a small pilot hole. If the screw protrude through the other side, add a few washers.

Drill holes and screw