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Dismantling and Servicing Shimano Sora STI shifter fix

Shimano Sora STI 8 speed

Integrated shifters are probably the best thing since sliced bread, this instructable aims to show you how to dis-assemble and re-assemble Shimano Sora shifters. The return spring snapped on this shifter, so I thought I'd go against the many warnings not to bother disassembling these and make an instructable whilst I tried. I'm glad I did, I repaired them and they are still in use.

Warning: I am not in any way an expert on this, use these instructions at your own risk!
Dismantling these may lead to insanity, or be a symptom of it :)

Note this page is very image heavy, may take a while to load fully.


Remove the front plastic screw  and remove the plastic cable holder

On the hoods there is a small plastic cover which holds the gear changer ribbon in place. This ribbon is threaded through the hoods and is attached to the gear changing mechanism. This is for the shimano computer to detect the gear the shifter is in.

Using a small (2mm) hex key, undo the small grub screw that holds the brake axle in place. You don't need to undo it fully just about half way will do (probably less but it's best to be sure).

With the grub screw removed you should be able to push the axle out. I used a screwdriver to push the axle out.

The gear changing mechanism and hood should be separate now. Note my missing ribbon cable again.

There is a screw with a square washer on the back of the brake lever. Remove this

Remove the bolt that is holding the brake lever on. The lever should slide off, with it there will be two bushings and a spring on the inside.

Nearly done!

The next bolt holds all of the gear mechanism together - beware of the tiny washer which sits on top of this bolt!. You can remove all of the parts now.

That should be your Sora shifter in pieces. Next is putting it all back together.

See page 2: