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Unimatic Ltd Stepper motor pinout

Stepper motor from Unimatic Engineering LTD

The label around the side reads :

    "Unimatic Engineering LTD
    Granville Road Works London NW2 2LN

    Sigma instruments, INC

I couldn't find the wiring scheme for this stepper motor anywhere on the web, so I found the wiring by testing and trial and error. To save someone else having to spend time re-inventing the wheel, here's the wiring colours for a unipolar setup.

I wired mine up as unipolar with colours as follows :

 Colour Connection
 Coil A Common
 Coil A
 Coil B Common
 Coil B
White/yellow Coil C
Yellow Coil C Common
Orange Coil D
 Coil D Common